The system operates more than an inductively applied signal without get in touch with together with the telephone company wires. Telegraph wires also may well be used for transmission if a double wire is readily available. Pictures to be sent are attached to a metal drum and revolved forty-five occasions per minute by a six-volt motor . A needle of light shines around the glossy print and is reflected back into a photoelectric cell which transforms the light into electrical impulses. These impulses are converted into sound, the telephone mouthpiece choosing up this low, conversational buzz. In the receiving finish the process is reversed plus the buzz is converted to light which is recorded on photo-sensitive paper to reproduce the picture. By means of a synchronization approach, this program has conquered the telephone "carrier circuits." These circuits, as differentiated from metallic circuits, are in operation in some parts in the south and west and heretofore distorted photographic signals to such an extent that pictures were spoiled. This has been corrected by the synchronization approach to a point where it can be claimed pictures might be transmitted over phone wires when it can be all but not possible to conduct a connected conversation. Photos Sent more than Phone Wires at Contact Rates (Jun, 1936)

Photos Sent over Phone Wires at Call Rates

News photographs now are becoming transmitted rapidly, clearly and cheaply more than ordinary phone wires. best breitling replicas With the help of a light, transportable transmitter, Wide Globe Photos can transmit pictures by wire from any location exactly where a telephone is accessible at normal station-to-station extended distance prices. By this telephoto method, as an illustration, a six and one-half by eight and one-half inch picture is usually sent across the country at evening rates for $25, or two pictures half that size is often transmitted for the identical cost swiss replica breitling . The mobile transmitter weighs only sixty pounds and can be operated with an ordinary automobile or airplane storage battery and the compact receiving unit can, if important, take incoming pictures in broad daylight breitling copy watches .

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