No Photography Encounter Necessary

The consumer inserts a dime-the Photomatic does the work. It produces a metal-framed, tag heuer replica fade-proof, best image, in significantly less than one minute. The photograph has the cameo-like detail heretofore doable only in expensive tag heuer watches fake , skilled photographs.

The Photomatic takes about 60 portrait photographs per hour, at 10c each and every. 4-1/2c out of every single 10c is yours; the balance covers material expenses, light, rent , etc. Further revenue also created from enlargements and tinting. In a good location, the Photomatic brings in $100 to $150 a week- insuring independence for its owner. Why not for you? Only 2-1/2×4 feet of space is required for this money-making business. Stores, bus or train terminals, hotel lobbies, amusement parks, seashore resorts, fishing centers-any place where crowds gather. There you will gather the easy, fast-flowing profits which this machine brings in. YOU'D BE SURPRISES) HOW FAST DIMES MOUNT INTO DOLLARS WHEN THERE IS ACTION! Everyone likes to have his image taken, babies and grown-ups, boys and girls, sweethearts, men and women. Now is the time to act. Choice locations go quickly. Write for literature and learn the facts about this interesting, lucrative business. There is no obligation. Write your request NOW!

Quality Coin Operated Machines Since 1895

As easy to operate as stepping on a scale to learn your weight. The customer sits down- looks into mirror- inserts the coin- NOTHING ELSE TO DO. In a single minute, the complete photograph, enclosed within a swanky frame, drops into the delivery chute. NO ATTENDANT IS Required.

The illustration does not do justice to the impressive and handsome appearance of the Photomatic unit high quality replica watches . Finished in two-tone blue and silver. It towers over the usual photo-taking machine as a skyscraper towers over a wooden shack. It is built to give long years of efficient and profitable service.

550 West 34th St. New York City, U.S.A.

PHOTOMATIC the initial machine to make photography very simple, inexpensive - and Profitable TO YOU! (Nov, 1936)

PHOTOMATIC the very first machine to create photography uncomplicated, economical - and Lucrative TO YOU!

Out of every single 10c put in the Photomatic 4-1/2c goes into your pocket.

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